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Employee Development refers to steps taken within a company to encourage each employee’s professional and personal growth.

Over a period of time, we will do various tasks, assignments and meetings to develop ourselves and hence be more productive and efficient in our work.

We will embark of personal as well as group assignments to acquire better team synergy and prepare Ryanada team for more and better responsibilities foreseen in the future.

Just as this is important for organizations, it’s also useful when you apply it to your own situation. By knowing your strengths, you can focus your efforts on the things that you’re good at. And, by understanding your weaknesses, you know what to avoid, what to improve, and where you need to get help.

To conduct a Personal SWOT Analysis, you ask yourself a series of questions about your current situation, and you fill in a four-quadrant grid, like the one found on page 5. We explain these quadrants below.

To be successful in today’s competitive world it’s absolutely essential for one to be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of oneself, as well as the opportunities and threats that are presented. By having awareness of these four aspects, it’s possible to use them for one’s advantage. If a person can identify and understand their strengths and opportunities they will know where to tread with confidence and security. However, if one can realize the weaknesses and threats posed to them, it’s possible to focus on those areas so to improve upon weaknesses and overcome obstacles posed by threats.

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