The User manual for the Jisort system


1.17. View Members

This is a section to view members already registered in the system. It has two options where one can view individual members or members within a group.

To view members just click on view members below is a view for members.






To view members in a particular group

First select group from the drop down list.


View for a particular group members


The two buttons view and Edit on the view member’s page have different functionalities. The view button generates a more detailed view of the member as you can see below.


The edit button redirects you to member details where you can edit the information added accordingly.





It generally gives a report about members below is a screenshot of the members report. 


There is another option where you can generate a report for members within a group. The signature field is applicable when the report is printed. That column is signed by the member on the printed paper. Select group from drop down list as indicated below.


For demonstration purpose I selected jambo group..               


There are 3 circled buttons Export to csv, view and Edit. The export csv button is used to download the member report in excel sheet (csv) format. The view button is used to generate a more detailed of members within a group. Finally, the edit button is used to edit the information previously added.