The User manual for the Jisort system


2.3. Add bulk payment

An organization may have a lot of payments to add to the system. A convenient way of doing it is by adding it through add bulk payment. The question ringing in your mind is how to add it but before that let’s discuss about the fields and button in this field.




Select the date the payments were added


Select currency for the payments

Payment mode

Select the payment mode

Select bank

Select which bank the bulk payments will go to

Filter by group

This is a field that you can select members for a particular group and make their payments


Field to search 


This section has 3 buttons save, export to CSV and a drop down button.

The save button                      is clicked to put into effect whatever entries you have added.

The export csv button  once clicked generates an excel sheet (CSV) in which one can add the transaction code, amount and cheque number where necessary.

Below is a screenshot for the csv.


Be keen to populate the cells correctly. Do not change anything in the format to avoid a data mix up which may result to erroneous results.

Once through with filling the CSV upload it through the button payment CSV as shown below




The final button is a button where select the number of rows you want displayed on the screen.


NOTE: The exported CSV will always contain the number of rows displayed on the screen, so if you want a CSV with five rows always select 5 on the drop down list above. If you want ‘All’ rows to appear on the CSV select the option ‘All’ in the drop down list.

Below is a screenshot portraying the Add bulk payment window


There are 3 columns that has up and down arrows. These columns are Member, Member number and Account type. The purpose of the arrows on the columns member and member number are for sorting the columns into ascending and descending order. The arrow on the account type is for sorting the different account type under this page.