The User manual for the Jisort system


2.7. Uploading CSV

The first step on this stage is downloading the CSV (excel sheet) click on export csv button


Once the csv has been downloaded keenly follow the format so as to correctly populate the cells any erroneous entry will result to dubious results. Below is a screenshot for the layout of the CSV.



To upload the duly filled excel sheet. Upload through the button ‘loan CSV’ as depicted below


The final button is a button where select the number of rows you want displayed on the screen.


NOTE: The exported CSV will always contain the number of rows displayed on the screen, so if you want a CSV with five rows always select 5 on the drop down list above. If you want ‘All’ rows to appear on the CSV select the option ‘All’ in the drop down list.

Below is a caption for ‘add loan bulk payment’ screen.