The User manual for the Jisort system


2.10. View Accounts

A section to view member accounts. It is the second sub menu under MPA. To access click on MPA then click on sub menu view accounts as shown by the image below. 

To view the specific account for a member. Select account from drop down list as indicated below.


This section will direct you to another submenu where you get to choses the member and the account type you want to view and also the dates you want to view the accounts as shown below.


Under the account (coloured  PUPPLE) , you can choose any savings account or a shares account depending on the client account subscription.

Below is the view for a specific member.


There exists 4 categorizations within the window. They are outlined below.

I.                  Account Details give the details about that particular account product the minimum opening balance, Balance required for interest calculation and minimum balance. The image is as above.

II.               Account Statement gives a comprehensive statement about the member account.

III.            Charges that a member incurs as per the product settings is portrayed under the charges bar.             

IV.            Shows the transactions of a member towards that account.