The User manual for the Jisort system


2.11. View loan accounts

The third sub menu under the menu MPA. Its main function is to give a view of the loan status of a member. It also gives a provision for viewing the loan account of a member within a particular group. To access the view loan account click on MPA then view loans account.


To access view loans account you have to select group, member and loan or member and loan since not all members belong to a group. Below is a screen showing how to select the group, member and loan.

Select group, this should only be done if a member belongs to a group.


Select member


Select loan

Click the view button and a window with account details, repayment schedule (loan amortization), Charges, Transaction and Guarantors will appear. Below is the general outlook of the ‘view loan accounts’.



There is tab at the top right most corner by the name action. This is the button has four functions.

i.                 Write off. This enables the user to write off a loan that was defaulted by a client.

ii.               Add charge. This enables the user to add more or special charges that did not apply during the application of the loan.

iii.             Recalculate interest. This allows the user to recalculate the interest of an already ongoing loan.

iv.             Reschedule loan. This allows the user to add or reduce the number of loan payments depending on the client request.  


The functions are as shown below 


The section that is following will outline with screenshots the earlier mentioned sub menus.