The User manual for the Jisort system


2.17. Funds transfer and withdrawal


This is a section to transfer funds from one party to another or from one account to another. The image above shows the window for the transfer of funds.

 Below is a table explaining the fields in this particular field.



From group

Add the group from which the funds are emanating from.

From member

Add member to transfer the funds

From account

Add source account of the funds to be transferred. 

To group

Add recipient group of the funds.

To member

Add recipient member of the funds

To account

Which account is receiving the transferred funds

To loan

Specify whether the funds transfer are to be used to pay a loan so as to deposit it in a loan account.


Add the amount to transfer


Add date of transfer


NOTE: To view the funds transferred move to view account under MPA and select the recipient or the sender of the funds. From there you can view funds transferred