The User manual for the Jisort system


3.3. Bulk apply loan

This is a section to bulk apply loans below is a table explaining the fields on this particular window.



Default No. of repayments*

Add the number of repayment that a loan has been defaulted Compulsory

Loan type*

From the dropdown last select the type of loan Compulsory

Interest rate

Add the interest rate charges

Date of loan application*

Select the date the loan was applied

Date of first repayment

Enter the date that first payment was made

Days before first repayment

Enter the numbers of day before the first payment was made

Grace period

Enter the number of days provided after the actual due date of loan repayment 

Select group

From the dropdown list select the group the member belong to

Loan top-up

From the dropdown list select YES or No to indicate whether there’s top-up for the bulk loan

Create repayment standing order

This field allows one to create standing orders from the savings account to the loan account which is automated by the system.


The bulk apply loan window looks like this;


Another alternative option of capturing data for bulk apply loan is through loan CSV that are already exists in an excel sheet.

Here is a screenshot of how the CSV appears.