The User manual for the Jisort system


3.4. Add guarantor

This is the area to add guarantor. A guarantor can be a member, group or non-member. Below is a table explaining the fields in the add guarantor section.



Guarantor type

Select from the drop down list. A guarantor can be a member, non-member or Group.


This is a field to select non-member. It is active when guarantor type is selected to be non-member and inactive when group and member are selected to be guarantor types.

Filter by group

This is a section where you sort by group so as the members of that particular group are the only one appearing in the guarantors list. In other words it is narrowing the search of members to a particular group. Mostly applicable when guarantor type is selected member.


Select the name of the member to guarantee the loan.


Once you have selected the guarantor type as group. This is now the specific place to select a group.

Collateral or savings

Select from this field whether the guarantor is using their savings or collateral. 

Savings amount

Add the amount that this guarantor has in terms of savings


Collateral must be registered first for it to appear on this field. Select collateral from the drop down. 

Loan to guarantee

Select from the drop down list which loan this individual will guarantee.

Below is an image for the add guarantor window.