The User manual for the Jisort system


3.10. Collateral Registration

This is the window that allows the user to register all collateral of a given loan including documents and files. The registered collateral is grouped into movable and immovable depending on the type, example a car is a movable collateral while a house is immovable. To upload any collateral documents into the system go to MEMBER REGISTRATION, then go to MEMBER UPPLOADS and under the document type choose LOAN COLLATERAL (coloured in RED), as shown below.


 The user can add as many documents as they want by clicking on the plus sign (COLOURED green) above.

The Collateral Registration fields are explained below.



Member type

This is a field to select whether the collateral you are selecting is for a member on non-member.


This field becomes active when member type is selected as non-member. 

Select from the drop down list the non-member. Remember you must have first registered the non-member to add them.


Select member from the drop down list whose collateral is to be registered.


Add descriptive note for the collateral

Collateral ID number

Add a unique identifier for the collateral being registered.


Add value of the collateral.


Select the status from the dropdown list. The status has 5 options active, Inactive, suspended, withdrawn or deceased.

Collateral type

Add collateral type. Is it movable or immovable?


Add relevant comment.