The User manual for the Jisort system


4.1. Income

All the incomes to the sacco/microfinance/chama are entered into the system through this window. Below is a table explaining each field.




Adding Individual making the payment


Select to which account the income goes to

Approved by

Add approving officer

Select group

Select the group making a payment

Select member

Select the member making payment

Select bank

Select the bank to which the income will be deposited to

Cheque no

Add cheque no. where necessary

Transaction code

Add the transaction code. Unique identifier for the transaction.


Add the amount to be paid

Payment mode

Select the mode of payment


Select currency for this transaction


Add the date for the payment


Describe the nature of the payment. Example registration fees


The user can print out a receipt for the client 


Populating the fields is simple once you understand each field. Below is a window for receive payments.


There is another way of adding payments on the ‘receive payment’ window, this through the upload csv button. The first step is to download the excel sheet (CSV) from download csv button

. As a rule of thumb you should strictly format your csv as per

the downloaded template. Below is a screenshot for the csv.


After duly filling the amounts, transaction and cheque no (added where necessary) you can

upload the excel sheet. Through the upload CSVbutton.