The User manual for the Jisort system


5.2. Register Vendor

This section contains several sub-menus that has different functionalities, the table below will discussed them depth. 



First name

Add member first name.

Middle name

Add member middle name

Last name

Add last name

Phone no

Add the vendor phone number

Email Address

Add the vendor email address


From drop down list select the vendor country


Add vendor location



The image below shows window of register customer;


View vendor, this button allows the user to view and edit the registered vendors. 


1.16.3 Tax/Charge Registration

The tax/charges registration window has five section namely; tax/charge name, tax/charge code, description, percentage% and flat amount 

Tax/charge name- Add the tax name or charge name e,i VAT

Tax/charge code- Add the tax/charge code

Description- Comment on the tax or charges

Percentage%- Add the percentage charged on the tax

Flat amount- Add the amount of charges or tax

The image below shows window of register tac or charges;


View charges. This button enables the user to view and edit the already registered charges.