Jisort Admin User Mannual

2. 1.1 Opening/starting the system

Using a browser of your choice, search the URL http://my.jisort.com/ the search result will be a login interface for the Jisort system.


1.1 Adding the organizational details

Click on the register button displayed on the login page. A registration window appears. Add the particulars of the organization and any other information as required by the system. The fields to add the information are;



What to add


Add the organization email

Phone number

Add the organization’s phone number

User name

Add the user name


Add a unique password. The password must not be shorter than 8 characters 

Confirm password

Add the password that you entered in the password field.

Organization name

Add the name of your organization


What to add

Organization type

A drop down list with the option of microfinance, sacco and chama. Choose to fit your situation.


The physical location of the organization.

System Use

Add whether you want the whole system or the SMS service only.

How did you know about us

From the drop down list select how you came to know us.

Organization slogan

Add the slogan of the organization.


                  Caption 1: The registration window

After filling in all the fields click on the register button. If the information provided in the fields is correct. A notification indicating successful creation of an account is generated. See photo below;


Caption 1.0 Notification for successful registration.




Add a username and password that is easy to remember

Password must contain a minimum of 8 characters