Jisort Admin User Mannual


3.2. Add user

This is an area where users of the system are created.

Field name



Field to add username


Field to add password

Confirm password

Add the password previously added in the confirm password section.

Is admin 

A field with a drop down list.

Select yes to allow user to be admin.

Click No to deny user admin capabilities




How to add user

The process of adding user solely depends on understanding the fields and their meaning as provided on the table above. View users

At this window you can perform two functions namely;

I.     Viewing users registered in the system II.          Edit users

Viewing users can be done by clicking on the sub menu ‘view user’. It is adjacent to Add user.

The button edit redirects to the ‘add user’ page where you can edit the user accordingly

NOTE: If you mistakenly assigned a user with admin capabilities you can make change from this section and restore them to an ordinary user.