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4. 1.3 DATA SET_UP


The charts of accounts are registered under the tab registration, specifically GL accounts registration.


The charts of accounts are all the available accounts used in the general accounts of an organization/institution.


Fields in the GL accounts registration 

Below is an outline of the fields and their explanations.



Account type

It is a field with a drop down list where you select the relevant GL account

Account name

This is a field where you add the name of a chart of account. Example of a chart of account name is cash at  hand, retained earnings etc.

Parent account

Any account that can be split to give sub-accounts. Example; ASSETS is the parent account to Motor vehicle account.

GL code

Numerals that uniquely identify accounts in a general ledger.

Example: the code 100 represents Assets.

The code 200 represents Liabilities

The code 300 represents Capital

The code 400 represents Income

The code 500 represents Expense


NOTE: For the listed GL accounts the first digit must be the ones in bold. i.e. The first digit for GL account liabilities is always 2. 



Manual entries allowed

A field with a drop down list, where one can allow or deny manual entries.

-It is recommended when adding a loan account you deny manual entries

-The implication of denying manual entries is, incapability to make journal entries and addition to opening balances 

Overdraft allowed

A field with a drop down list in which you can allow or deny overdraft.

-Selecting ‘No’ in the field ‘overdraft allowed’ will deny negative withdrawals on the accounts selected.


A field where you add a descriptive note for the account for the account registered.


Button name


Upload CSV

This is a button where you upload the GL accounts contained in an excel sheet.

Download CSV

Button you click to export the excel sheet with GL accounts from the system.


A button to save entries made in the fields


NOTE: Before adding any data through the option of upload csv, download csv template so as to format your data as per the downloaded template. Failure to do so will mix up information leading to erroneous results.