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4. 1.3 DATA SET_UP


In this section we will register GL accounts in two ways.

I.          Adding entries into the fields

II.        Uploading the GL accounts using the upload CSV method


                      I.      Adding entries into the field


a)     Select Account type from the drop down list coloured in BROWN



b)     Type the account name  coloured in GREEN


c)      Add GL code coloured in BLUE. The GL codes are assigned as follows 


i.          All assets accounts code begins with the number (1)  example 1---

ii.         All liabilities accounts code begins with the number (2) example 2---

iii.       All capital accounts code begins with the number (3) example 3--- iv.       All income accounts code begins with the number (4) example 4---

                     v.       All expense accounts code begin with the number (5) example 5--

d)     Select option for manual entries from the drop down list


e)     Select option from field ‘overdraft allowed’. Select either Yes or No depending on what your situation is. field coloured in BLACK



f)      Select parent account from the drop down list. field coloured in WHITE


g)     Add description   field coloured in PUPPLE


h)     Link the GL to a branch by clicking on the branch dropdown. field coloured in



i)      Link the GL to a GL group by clicking on the GL group. The field is coloured in PINK


j)      You can set the account usage by clicking on the Account usage menu coloured in RED


k)     click on save at the bottom of the page



NOTE: Always remember to assign the GL accounts the right first digit while recording the GL code. Refer table with the fields and their explanations for better understanding of assigning GL codes.

                   II.       Uploading the GL accounts using the upload CSV method

This is an option that makes use of existing data in an excel sheet. Before uploading any data one must download a sample CSV so as to format their data as per the downloaded CSV. Failure to format the data may cause erroneous results. Below are images illustrating how to upload GL accounts from excel sheet.

1. Download the template GL account by clicking the download CSV template button. Highlighted in RED


Below is an image for the template excel sheet


Be KEEN to follow the provided format. Once you are through you can upload the document by clicking the upload button highlighted in BLACK


1.    A window will pop up requiring you to browse the document and upload it as indicated below



2.    Select on the correctly formatted excel sheet.



3.    Click on upload to upload the CSV file. CSV file is the same as excel sheet.